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Bring your ADMIRAL to the last row or capture the opponent ADMIRAL.


Each player owns:


Starting position

Playing Yohoho!

Players take alternate turns either moving ships or capturing.

When moving ships, a player must move two different pieces of his color.

When capturing, he takes one and only one of the opponent ships without moving any of his pieces.

White starts and exceptionnally, only moves one piece.

Moving pieces

The ships move in straight line in any board direction except facing the wind. The ADMIRAL moves one cell per turn, the GALLEON, one or two, the FRIGATE, one, two or three. The ROCK can move any number of cells in any of the 6 directions, including facing the wind. No piece can jump over another one.

Capturing ships

A ship can be captured if it is adjacent to one or several opponent ships of superior combined strength. Capturing is not compulsory.

Ships strength

  • ADMIRAL: 5
  • GALLEON: 3
  • FRIGATE: 2

For instance

  • An ADMIRAL can capture a GALLEON
  • A GALLEON can capture a FRIGATE
  • Two FRIGATE can capture a GALLEON
  • Two GALLEON can capture the ADMIRAL
  • Three FRIGATE can capture the ADMIRAL

ROCKS cannot capture and cannot be captured.

Additional rule (Arno rule)

A capturable ADMIRAL must escape the threat by its first action (capture or the first of both moves).

Capture situations

The two black FRIGATE capture the white GALLEON. The white GALLEON captures either FRIGATE. The black ADMIRAL captures any of the white FRIGATEs. The three white FRIGATEs capture the black ADMIRAL.
White captures the black ADMIRAL. Black captures the white ADMIRAL. Arno rule: The white ADMIRAL cannot escape at first. Black wins.

Additional rule (Competition)

When played in competition, winners get points depending on the game outcome:

  • 1 point: the ADMIRAL reached the last row
  • 2 points: the opponent ADMIRAL was captured


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